( All the characters come to stage with different songs / so that they know when to

come to the stage)

The narrotor (1) ;

– Once upon a time, there was a boy named Ateş. He lived at Fenerbahçe at Kadıköy

with his parents. Ateş was very tired that day. He had been to the basketball course in

the morning, to a friend’s birthday party in the afternoon and to a dinner with his

cousin at night. He had played I pad more than 2 hours during the day and stil he is not


( The narrotor here makes gestures like: ‘ here comes some voices, let’s listen to

them’. He tries to immitate their gestures as if Ateş And his mum is talking)

Ateş and his mother’s voices come from a type recorder saying;

Ateş’s mom;

– Come on honey, you look very tired!

– One more game mumy, I’ve to win that Ferrari…

– Look ! The fairy tale book Santa brought you, maybe you can read it before you go to


– I can’t, I’m so angry…

– Here is your book ( here the Narrator gives the book to Ateş and gets out of the stage

silently…) See later alligator!

As soon as their talking finishes, a joyfull music begins to play 8 Fındıkkıran,

strauss,Beethoven Symphony No. 6 (beethoven for babies) to play. All the

characters one by one come out of the big fairy tale book standing at the left of the

page. They have some sparkling stuff in their hands. They come to the middle of the

stage, under the spot light, make their dance, turn their faces to the audience,

throwing/ tossing the the sparkles up to their heads and say;

– My name is… ( The Little Match Girl, The Snow White, Cinderella, Wendy, Peter

Pan, Captain Hook) then go back to the book again. Captain Hook (is the last one to

do so) holds the other fairytale characters hand and they all together go near Ateş

wave their hands and say;

– Good Night Ateş!!!

Ateş is watching them surprised and excited all this time.

The Little Match Girl (4) comes out from the book, she pretends to knock the door.


– Who is İt?

– It is me!

– Who are you?

– I’m me!

– I mean what is your name ?

– I am the Llittle Match Girl, can I come in, I’m too cold!

– Come on in.

At the same time while looking at the book, he realizes that the girl in his room, is the

The Little Match Girl in the fairy tale book. Fascinated by his discovery saying loudly;

– You are the Little Match Girl!

The Little Match Girl;

– What is wrong with you, I told you the same thing ( nodding her head) a minute ago!

The Little Match Girl (she is shaking because she is really cold) walks into Ateş’s

room, she sits in the middle of the room, she lights on the match, She has the big

fireplace matches at her handand a wand (değnek) with a light/ as if lighting the

wand as if it is a match.

The Little Match Girl;

– It is better.

Ateş coming near her trying to make her hands hot over the lighted match.

– I’ve to go now or my Mom will worry about me, thank you!


-Wait! Do you need something?

– Like what?

– Like these flip-flops!

– Ok Thank you, bye!

– Bye!

She gets out of the stage through the big fairy tale book.

(The Snow White’s song begins to play)

The Snow White walks in to Ateş’s room coming out from the fairytale book. She has

an big red apple at her hand. She seems to talk to an imaginary person in the book


– Thank you Grannie! I was really hungry…

Ateş at the same time reading the fairy tale book says;

– Wait a minute, don’t eat it …

By that time The Snow White takes a bite from the big Apple, and slumps down

(yığılmak) to the middle of the stage, her face is turned to the audience.


– It is too late!

A prince (5) comes out from the fairy tale book. The prince talking to Ateş;

– What happened to her?

Ateş pretend to read it from the book;

– She ate the poisoned apple!

The prince;

-What should I do?

Ateş (pretending to kiss with his lips) showing it;

The prince ;


– You have to kiss her ! (this time shouting)

The prince;

-From where? Here? ( the prince trying to kiss the princess’ foot)

Ateş (laughing);


(The prince kissing her from her stomach asking;)

From here?

Ateş (still laughing);


The prince ;

-From where sir, from where?

-From the forehead!

The prince kisses the girl from the forehead. The Snow White wakes up slowly, she

looks confused and surprised.

-What happened to me? ( Thinks about it for a minute, recognizes what happened)

– I ate the poisoned apple, and the granny must be my step mother. Let’s get on your

white horse and go to your castle my prince!

The prince;

– The castle is ok, but I don’t have a horse.

Snow White turning to Ateş;

– Do you have a horse sir?

Ateş shaking his head as No.

Snow White;

– What shall we do, let’s walk…

At that moment; valse music begins to play, Ateş comes near the prince and Snow

White.The Prince and Ateş holds from the both hands of Snow White’s and pulling the

princes to their side. At last Ateş lets it go, the prince and Snow White begin to dance

with the music. Then they got out from the fairy tale book dancing.

Ateş goes back to his bed. He reads the fairy tale book again.

Cinderella’s song begins to play .

Cinderella (6) comes out from the book to the stage with a broom, pretending to

sweep the floor, singing the same song. When she comes near Ateş, she makes

gestures with the broom like, raise your feet, I will clean it under. Ateş makes gestures

like he doesn’t understand. While sweeping hits to Ateş’s foot.


– Ouch! It hurts!

– Sorry (smiling ashamed)


– Who are you?

Cinderella comes to the front of the stage and stamping the broom to the floor;

– I’m am Cinderella ! I have to finish the cleaning before….What time is it?


– I don’t know!

We hear a big clock head hitting the clock.

Cinderella seems worried, coming near to Ateş, saying;

– Whoops, The ball time has come Can you please sweep the floor for me …?

– No I can’t!

– Yes you can (trying to give the broom to Ateş’s hand. Ateş trying to give it back)

Cinderella ;

– Can you hold it for a minute…

Ateş holds the broom and Cinderella while running and giggling at the same time

asking to him;

– Do you have ball dress for me? And runs away into the fairy tale book door.

Ateş gets angry runs after her and throws a way the broom to the middle of the stage.

A dramatic classical music begins to play. (Beethoven Symphony No.7 in A

op.92/Beethoven for babies, My first cd song 6 ) Peter Pan, the Hook and

Wendy comes out the fairy tale book. Captain Hook (We need a beard and a

hook) has a sword at his hand, Wendy looking around finds the broom and gives it

to Peter Pan to use it as a sword, saying;

– Peter Pan take this and becareful!

Peter Pan;

– Thank you Wendy, I can’t win this battle without you!

Captain Hook;

– Grow up Peter Pan, you can’t live at the Neverland forever!

Peter Pan;

– I won’t grow up and leave the Neverland to you!

– Nobody believes in you anymore!


– We believe in him, you are such a bad character, I’m glad that the octopus ate your


A Blacksea song is heard, all of a sudden, Peter pan, Ateş (coming near them dancing with

them joyfull) and Captain Hook begin to dance together, here Wendy shocked , going near

to Peter Pan, with gestures asking what are you doing? Peter Pan making gestures like

what is going on, what can I do?

Wendy is making gestures like close the music to the control room… As the music stops

shouting to the theatres control room;

– Hey we have a battle here. What is this music?

The director plays the battle music again, 10 seconds later the black sea music again,

this time they drop their weapons, hold eachothers arms (Peter Pan, Captain Hook and

Ateş) making horon/ black sea folk dance/.

This time Wendy makes gestures saying close the music to the director.

Captain Hook and Peter Pan looking at eachother; saying at the same time;

– We can’t have a battle here let’s go to the forest.

Captain Hook;

– Yes, let’s!

Wendy at back three of them getting out of the stage through the fairy tale book…

Ateş goes back to his bed, he really looks tired, he yawns, lies down, falls asleep.

A slow music begins to play Beethoven Moonlight Sonata op.27, and the lights of the

stage fades away slowly. For 1 minute the music goes on, then fades away. Lights are

on again we hear Ateş’s mother’s voice coming from the back stage saying;

– Come on sleepy smurf, it is 10 o’clock! You know what?

Ateş slowly waking up sits on his bed, rubbing his eyes.


– I think you should play that importand game of yours to win that Ferrari before


– No, no I have to read the end of Peter Pan!

Mother turns to the audience, looking shocked. And the lights fade away.


The end

This play was written by Elvan Kurşun for Plus School for the Year End Show


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